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The MAPP Plastic Industry Discussion Forum allows members to rapidly communicate with each other. Post both questions and answers to questions that other MAPP members have about any industry topic from material and process issues to R&E Tax Credits and other business issues.

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Testing color match Posted in Equipment
by Innovative Components, Inc.
232 Innovative Components, Inc.
19 Sep 2014 21:43
Need 1st Generation PP Regrind Posted in Materials
by Falcon Plastic
305 Falcon Plastic
17 Sep 2014 23:06
by Ferguson Production, Inc.
120 Ferguson Production, Inc.
17 Sep 2014 22:48
Valox 771 bk 1284 Posted in Materials
by Empire Precision Plastics, Inc
55 Empire Precision Plastics, Inc
17 Sep 2014 19:30
Paulson Training Posted in Business
by Hunter Douglas
131 Hunter Douglas
16 Sep 2014 21:16
Customer Drawings Posted in Business
by Criterion Technology
469 Natech Plastics
16 Sep 2014 13:55
The Things They Carried Posted in Business
by Ice Miller LLP
295 Viking Plastics
16 Sep 2014 12:19
LEXAN HF1110-111 Posted in Materials
by Empire Precision Plastics, Inc
212 Empire Precision Plastics, Inc
15 Sep 2014 14:17
HOT!! NEED NORYL SE1GFN1 Posted in Materials
by Davies Molding, LLC
387 Davies Molding, LLC
12 Sep 2014 18:13
Avoiding the Early Valuation - Are You Really ... Posted in Business
by Ice Miller LLP
160 Ice Miller LLP
09 Sep 2014 16:36
Lexan HP4R 1H112 NAT PC Posted in Materials
by Omega Plastics, Inc.
112 Omega Plastics, Inc.
09 Sep 2014 14:51
Mixed resins Posted in Materials
by Currier Plastics
1421 Currier Plastics
05 Sep 2014 19:06
SPC Data Control for Injection Molded Parts Posted in Business
by Criterion Technology
497 Criterion Technology
04 Sep 2014 19:15
NEED Chemlon 133 Black Posted in Materials
by Metro Plastics Technologies
169 Metro Plastics Technologies
04 Sep 2014 17:06
moisture analyzer Posted in Equipment
by All-Plastics
538 All-Plastics
03 Sep 2014 15:26
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