Darin Endecott Champion Profile

Darin Endecott, Chief Operations Officer

Innovative Injection Technologies

Alma Mater: Michigan State University

How did you become involved in the plastics industry?

I was a Board Member for the owner of i2-tech for several years and then was asked to join the management team.

What is your favorite part about your current role?

Every day is a challenge - I should say a different challenge - the batting order is people, equipment, demand, capacity, coming up short on customer expectations... but the sense of accomplishment when we overcome the challenge is rewarding!

What has been your proudest moment at your current organization?

So many to count but winning new business by having the customer state they like the culture we have as an organization - problem solving through people! We like to just call this WINNING!

At work, what are you most known for among your colleagues?

"bring me the data" - for problem solving and "make sure the shop is square to the world" - shop organization

How do you define success?

Maintaining the balance we have with the expectations of Customers, Employees,our Community, Suppliers, and our Shareholder.

What book are you currently reading?

Traction by Gino Wick

What other groups or organizations are you active in?

Dollars for Scholars

If you weren't in the plastics industry, what would you be doing?

Captaining a catamaran in the Caribbean.

How have you received value from the MAPP organization? What are the greatest benefits you currently receive?

Bench marking data on people, safety and press rates.