Annual MAPP Innovation Award Winners Announced


October 10, 2019

Annual MAPP Innovation Award Winners Announced

INDIANAPOLIS - - The Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP) officially announced the following as winners of the 2019 MAPP Innovation Award focused on Workstation Layout. This year’s awards were split into two categories to recognize plastics companies in different sales categories, those with annual sales under $15 million and those above $15 million. The winners of the 2019 Innovation Awards are:

Under $15 Million Category:

  • First Place: Blue Ridge Molding
  • Second Place: Wadal Plastics
  • Third Place: Bruin Manufacturing

Above $15 Million Category:

  • First Place: Intertech Medical
  • Second Place: Plastics Components, Inc. (PCI)
  • Third Place: Falcon Plastics – Lexington, TN location

This is the fifth year for the MAPP Innovation Award, which was established to recognize innovative solutions to common issues. This award allows MAPP members to benchmark best practices and submissions are shared in the 2019 Best Practices Book.

The Innovation Award this year focused on the following question, “How has your company instituted systems in your facility to make workstations safer, more ergonomic, more efficient and/or improve the organization?”

Over 20 final submissions were submitted for voting, and over 479 votes came in from industry peers to determine the winners.

The 2019 Innovation Award winners received their award and recognition at the 2019 Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference in Indianapolis on October 4th in front of over 600 attendees.   

For more information on the award and the winners, please click here.

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