MAPP Recognizes 100 Champions

MAPP Recognizes 100 Most Engaged Members with MAPP Champion Program

For the first time, the MAPP organization extended a special recognition to 100 MAPP Champions. The 2018 MAPP Champion designation recognizes and honors the top 100 individuals from MAPP member companies who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to MAPP through active participation in programs, boards and committees, events and providing assistance to others over that last twelve months.

These individuals have contributed their time and talents to the betterment of the MAPP network and plastics industry overall and have participated in at least five MAPP-sponsored activities.

Those identified as MAPP Champions exemplify the values and ideals of MAPP, including the spirit of sharing and camaraderie, individual contributions that build collective intelligence of the MAPP network, and business ethics of integrity and responsiveness.  The following 100 individuals were recognized at the 2018 Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference in Indianapolis, IN, October 10-12.

  1. Scott Adams, Metro Plastics Technologies
  2. Kevin Allison, Crescent Industries Inc.
  3. Glenn Anderson, Anderson Technologies
  4. Jeff Applegate, Texas Injection Molding
  5. David Bacon, KW Container (Troy)
  6. Carl Bartle, Wisconsin Plastics Inc.
  7. Chuck Beavers, Par 4 Plastics Inc.
  8. Jerry Bienias, Donnelly Custom Manufacturing
  9. Zachary Bloodworth, Par 4 Plastics Inc.
  10. Mary Beth Bord, Ex-Tech Plastics Inc.
  11. Myra Boyt, Criterion Technology
  12. Janine Bucher, York Imperial Plastics
  13. Michelle Bultman, Ex-Tech Plastics Inc.
  14. Brendan Cahill, PTG Silicones
  15. Tim Capps, Par 4 Plastics Inc.
  16. Craig Carrel, Team 1 Plastics
  17. Rob Clothier, Team 1 Plastics
  18. Steve Craprotta, Eclipse Mold Inc.
  19. Darryl Crowe, Legacy Custom Plastics
  20. Tyson Daniels, Polymer Contours
  21. Rodney Davenport, CH3 Solutions LLC
  22. Jamie Dewing, Proto Plastics Inc.
  23. Mariana Diaz, Plastic Molding Technology Inc.
  24. Bill Dickinson, DaMar Plastics Inc.
  25. Doug Drummond, Revere Plastics Systems LLC
  26. Jordan Duhe, Noble Plastics Inc.
  27. Jim Eberle, MXL Industries Inc.
  28. Neal Elli, Empire Precision Plastics Inc.
  29. Becky Erickson, Plastic Products Company Inc.
  30. Glen Fish, Revere Plastics Systems LLC
  31. Norm Forest, Dymotek Molding Technologies
  32. Elizabeth Francik, Pyramid Plastics Inc.
  33. Angela Gasek, Epic Polymer Solutions, LLC
  34. Chris Gedwed, Cosmetic Specialties International
  35. Evan Gilham, Productive Plastics Inc.
  36. Kelly Goodsel, Viking Plastics (PA)
  37. Jason Grala, Ironwood Industries Inc.
  38. David Granados, Cosmetic Specialties International
  39. Grant Gundrum, Microplastics Inc.
  40. Scott Hagen, D&M Plastics LLC
  41. Mark Hallam, HB Molding Inc.
  42. Ben Harp, Polymer Conversions
  43. David Hastillo, Dymotek Molding Technologies
  44. George Hauser, Vital Plastics Inc.
  45. Kimberly Hildreth, Natech Plastics Inc.
  46. Jeff Hindman, Polymer Molding Inc.
  47. Erin Hlavin, Thogus Products Company
  48. Doug Hoffbeck, Plastech Corporation
  49. JuliAnn Issler, Cascadia Custom Molding
  50. Carol Janssen, Polyfab Corporation
  51. Josh Jaworski, Indiana Plastics Inc.
  52. Dave Kieper, Reschcor
  53. Audra Kimbel, PolyFlex Products Inc.
  54. Eddie Knapp, Pioneer Plastics
  55. Jim Krause, Microplastics Inc.
  56. Jennifer Latiolais, All-Plastics (Kerrville)
  57. Lan Le, All-Plastics (Kerrville)
  58. Marcia Lee, DeKALB Molded Plastics
  59. Spencer Leffelman, Woodland Plastics Corporation
  60. Jennifer Lockman, Intertech Plastics Inc.
  61. Shane Mabry, Anderson Technologies
  62. Vern Meurer, Con-Tech Plastics
  63. Mark Murphy, PRD Inc.
  64. Tom Nagler, Natech Plastics Inc.
  65. Randy Ollhoff, E-S Plastic Products LLC
  66. Greg Olson, AquaCal
  67. Michael Parshall, Par 4 Plastics Inc.
  68. John Passanisi, PRD Inc.
  69. Samir Patel, Midwest Molding Inc.
  70. Jennifer Perez, Plastic Molding Technology Inc.
  71. Matt Poischbeg, SEA-LECT Plastics Corporation
  72. Derrill Rice, Plastic Components Inc.
  73. Ryan Richey, Precision Plastics Inc.
  74. Missy Rogers, Noble Plastics Inc.
  75. Lawrence Segrest, Greenleaf Industries
  76. Chuck Sholtis, Plastic Molding Technology Inc.
  77. Scott Solowey, Par 4 Plastics Inc.
  78. Vicky Stevens, Pliant Plastics Corporation
  79. Kelly Stichter, Teamvantage Molding
  80. Lynn Stueck, Ironwood Plastics Inc.
  81. Wendy Sundberg, Quality Assured Plastics Inc
  82. Tamera Talaski, Adkev Inc.
  83. Heather Taton, Wescon Plastics LLC
  84. Suzie Thomas, Eclipse Mold Inc.
  85. Scott Titzer, Infinity Molding & Assembly
  86. Craig Tornow, Ferriot Inc
  87. Thomas Tredway, Erie Molded Plastics Inc.
  88. Bonnie Turner, Elkhart Plastics Inc. (South Bend)
  89. Theresa Turula, Ironwood Plastics Inc.
  90. David VanVoorhis, Precision Molded Plastics
  91. Jeanne Vanyo, Revere Plastics Systems LLC
  92. Adam Wachter, Engineered Profiles LLC
  93. Kurt Wagner, Reschcor
  94. Mike Walter, Met2Plastic LLC
  95. Rob Weiss, Injection Works
  96. Christian Wenk, American Casting and Manufacturing
  97. Bruce Whirledge, CTB Inc.
  98. Linda Wilkins, Ferriot Inc
  99. John Winzeler, Winzeler Gear
  100. Tom Wood, E-S Plastic Products LLC