MAPP Releases Industry Pulse Survey 2020

MAPP Releases Real-Time Results of Weekly Industry Pulse Survey

Indianapolis, IN – The Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP) Benchmarking Team has just published the first results of their weekly Industry Pulse Survey on their COVID-19 Resources Hub page at  As results come in each week, the MAPP team will generate trends and take a deep dive into the changes experienced throughout the plastics industry and in a variety of specific industry segments.

To better understand the overall impact and future state of the plastics industry, MAPP is conducting a weekly Plastics Industry Pulse Survey. This eight-question survey takes less than one minute for leaders to complete, but gives insights into how the plastics industry is faring so far - and what executives are anticipating for the future. Users can participate each Monday morning through a personalized e-mail link to get the results sent to them every Wednesday. Participants can request a user link through the MAPP site.  As MAPP continues to collect information, we will begin to trend and make predictions based on the inputs given by plastics industry leaders. 

Data collected April 20-21 is presented on the MAPP site now and will be updated weekly. In the first week of the survey, 243 plastics companies responded. These companies are located across 30 states and serve more than 25 primary industry segments. The most common primary industry typically served by respondents this week include medical, automotive, and consumer goods. Each of these primary industries will have its data analyzed on the results page.

This Industry Pulse Survey is part of the response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 across the United States and the globe. MAPP’s leadership team worked to generate resources and up-to-date information for MAPP members.  More can be found at for this survey and other COVID-19 related information.