Program Launch Processes Checklists and Vacation Policies


September 26, 2019

MAPP Releases Two Studies: Program Launch Processes Checklists and Vacation Policies

Indianapolis, IN – The Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP) recently released two policy reports: Program Launch Processes and Checklists and Vacation Policies now available on the website.

The Program Launch Processes and Checklists Report is a 93-page document that contains 22 project launch checklists utilized by plastics processors across the United States. Additionally, data regarding software and tools used, team meetings, scheduling and best practices for project launch is included as an introduction to the checklists.

The Vacation Policies Report has 138 pages that include data in regards to policies and procedures from over 40 plastics manufacturers, as well as all samples provided by companies. Companies looking to update or benchmark their company's vacation policy are able to review trends and common practices across the industry, as well as review actual policies from other organizations.

 “These reports are an amazing way of providing value to our members. They offer insights for senior leaders that impact the bottom line and ultimately make our members more successful,” said Troy Nix, MAPP’s executive director. For more information or to purchase these reports, click here.

About MAPP
Established in 1997, the Manufacturers Association for Plastic Processors is managed by plastics business leaders and has over 450 member companies nationwide. The association works to provide manufacturers with bottom line impacting programs, networking, and additional beneficial services.