Benchmarking Conference Pre-Con: Paulson Training Program

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Limber Up Your Molding Mind with
Paulson Trainingā€™s Injection Molding Pre-Conference Demo & Challenge

Join MAPP member Paulson Training Programs for a one-of-a-kind, hands-on, user group CHALLENGE Session. Led by Paulson instructor Todd Bryant and Paulson president and product developer Karen Paulson, this high-energy user group will put your molding skill to the test and give you the chance to earn the title of Best Injection Molder at MAPPā€™s 2019 Benchmarking Conference. The session begins with an introduction and live demonstration of Paulsonā€™s revolutionary training tool SimTechā„¢, Paulsonā€™s proprietary and exclusive injection molding simulator. SimTechā€™s engine is built by Paulson developers and is based on decades of plastic processing research, calculations, and data compiled by Donald Paulsonā€“plastics engineer, 9-patents recipient, and recognized plastics educator. SimTech operates like a real molding machineā€“the plastic, the mold, and the machine specifications are all programmed into this powerful online simulator. During the session, attendees will have a chance to use SimTech within the framework of a practice challenge. At the conclusion of the session, attendees can opt-in to participate in a competitive molding challenge where each challenger will be given a set of injection molding problems to solve. Plus, a leaderboard will be posted showcasing the top session participants and their winning scores. Are you ready to flex your molding muscles? Will you be counted among the top Molders at this yearā€™s MAPP Benchmarking Conference? Join Paulsonā€™s thrilling interactive session to find out.

Special note: For optimum participation, having a laptop is best but tablet or mobile device is fine too.

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