IQMS Users Group August

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Troubleshoot IQMS user issues with fellow members. Attendees are asked to submit questions ahead of time.

Questions submitted so far include:

  • Best aging inventory and inventory costing report(s)/methods?
  • How are you handling finished good labelling?  Print every package as it is completed, or print all labels for WO at one time?
  • Is anyone using a Crystal Report/IQMS to show: Predicted Sales based on SO's, or Upcoming Short Shipments based on Inventory?
  • Outages - we've had 22 outages since February and are wondering if anyone is experiencing this in RTPM?
  • Any suggestions for a general purpose  piece part quoting program that is pretty easy to use?
  • Is anyone running Oracle on Windows Server 2016 or planning to?   Has anyone upgraded to 16.2?
  • How are you getting production run analysis data out of IQMS?
  • Are there noticeable changes to Accounting and Payroll in the 16.2
  • Is anyone using the processing monitoring module and if so, how does it compare to RJG?
  • How have people used cashflow forecasting with blanket orders and no definable release schedule?
  • Sharing/posting KPIs for Smartpage on MyIQMS, Record Retention flexibility w/in IQPurge
  • How does everyone handle inventories? What kind of special reports do you guys have for helping staff do daily job functions?
  • 1. Anyone using AP automation software and interfacing or import/export into IQMS?  2. Any tools, reports, etc for var analysis?
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