Accelerate Your Success: How to be Irreplaceable

The modern business world is a social system, and success requires more than technical skills. Your ability to ADAPT will help you stay relevant, valuable, and ultimately irreplaceable.

Anticipate/Accept Change

Change is constant. Progress is impossible without change.

Tips on dealing with change:

  • Embrace and support change initiatives
  • Be a change agent, not a change victim
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • View change, feedback, and mistakes as opportunities

Remember: Changing is difficult but not changing is fatal.

Develop your Network

It’s not who you know, rather it is who knows you and, what you can do for them!

Networking Tips:

  • Attend company functions and meet new people
  • At meetings, introduce yourself
  • Virtual meetings, turn on the camera. Look professional & engaged
  • Know someone from every department
  • Pay compliments
  • Seek advice
  • Show gratitude
  • Always be of service

Advance Diversity

It’s been proven that teams made of people with diverse backgrounds, educations, skillsets, and experiences perform better than teams that are not as diverse.

5 Ways to Advance Diversity:

  • Expand your personal and professional network
  • Champion and amplify the ideas of others
  • Ask who is NOT at the table
  • Invite outsiders to participate
  • Be an upstander, not a bystander

Play Well with Others

In a social system, relationships matter and they require management, especially the one with your boss.

Managing Up – Consciously working with the higher-ups to obtain the best possible results for you, your boss, and the organization. It is NOT sucking up.

Managing Up Essentials:

  1. Learn others’ work styles, preferences, priorities, and pet peeves…
  2. Understand your own preferences, priorities, strengths, and weaknesses
  3. Assess the gap and choose how you are willing to adapt
  4. Connect and check in every single day!
  5. Stay on their radar
  6. Be proactive
  7. Keep them updated
  8. Make sure they know how productive you are!

Tips for Seeking Feedback:

  • Check in frequently on both work product and process
  • Be open and accepting of feedback
  • Use Plus/Delta or “more of, less of, differently”
  • Seek opportunities to enhance team or work processes
  • Be entrepreneurial
  • Go the extra mile whenever you can!

Five tips that always work when talking to your boss

  1. Bring solutions, not problems
  2. Respect their time and come to every meeting prepared
  3. Requests, not complaints
  4. Build on their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses
  5. Be proactive! Anticipate their needs and don’t wait to be asked.

When in doubt: have the conversation.

Take Responsibility

Everything is your responsibility: your impact, actions, learning, and career management.

  • Take steps every day
  • Seek and act on feedback
  • Go the extra mile
  • Learn, grow, and expand your skillset
  • Know your industry
  • stay relevant
  • Aim for excellence in all you do
  • Raise your hand
  • Be positive, proactive, and professional

About the Presenter

Mary Abbajay, author of the award-winning, best-selling Managing Up: How to Move Up, Win at Work, and Succeed with Any Type of Boss is the president of Careerstone Group, LLC, a full service organizational and leadership development consultancy that delivers leading-edge talent and organizational development solutions to business and government. As a sought-after author, speaker, consultant, and trainer, Mary helps clients develop the strategies, skills, and sensibilities needed for success in the 21st century. Her expertise lies in helping clients create dynamic and productive workplaces that foster professional and personal excellence and growth.

Mary is a frequent expert contributor for television, radio, and print publications where she provides practical leadership and career advice. In addition to her role as a contributor, her work and advice have appeared in the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, The Financial Times, Money Magazine, Southwest Airlines Magazine, Monster, and the BBC.

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