Industry 4.0 from a Plastics Point of View

Industry 4.0 From a Plastics Point of View

October 8, 2019

Seventeen plastics professionals attended a webinar hosted by RJG. Attendees learned the importance of Industry 4.0 moving forward, different Industry 4.0 technologies, and methods to start implementing these technologies.

Listed below are some of the takeaways given to us by the attendees.

  • "Technology has been, and will continue, to play a significant role in manufacturing and has the capability to improve productivity in ways that we have not yet imagined.”
  • "A good way to describe our new more readily and more quickly given label of 'Revolution' now that we are already discussing 6.0.”
  • "There are things we could be doing in industry 4.0 that we are not doing.”

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