Tax Policy Update and the Top 10 Tax Topics Facing Plastics Processors

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Mike Devereux, CPA, CMP of Wipfli, LLP will provide the MAPP community with his Annual Tax Update for the Plastics Sector. This year’s update will include:

  • A summary of the tax provisions in the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, 
  • The prospect of tax legislation during the lame duck session of Congress, 
  • A synopsis of what processors can expect with respect to tax policy in the forthcoming year, and
  • A round-up of IRS guidance issued over the past year impacting the plastics sector.

Devereux will close the presentation with what he believes to be the top ten tax issues facing plastics processors.  These issues range from tax incentives, such as the R&D tax credit and the Employee Retention Tax Credit, to the newly re-instated Superfund Excise Tax.

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