Webinar: The Resin Crisis Information Part 2

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The global resin market is in a state of chaos. Plastics processors all over the country are seeing severe resin shortages and staggering price increases.

Please join Amco Polymers resin distribution veterans Bruce Flannery and Jeff Schultz for an informative update on the resin shortage within the plastics industry, hosted by MAPP on March 23rd. This is a follow-up to the webinar given on March 2nd: The Resin Crisis: Information Every Plastics Processing Executive Must Know. 

Special focus will be on providing an update on the current state of the Resin Market - analytic forecasters and insights on continued actionable steps to reduce the impact of the Resin Crisis. If you are looking to reduce the impact of the resin crisis now and going forward, this webinar is for you.

* MAPP members, if you have not seen part one of the webinar series, please log in to your account to access this page below. If you scroll down, you will see the archived webinar recording as well as the PDF of the slide presentation.

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