Young Professionals Pre-Conference Sessions

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Switching to a virtual conference brings a new set of exciting opportunities, especially for the MAPP Young Professionals Network! In the past, the Network had one meeting lasting several hours the day before the in-person conference, but this year the Pre-Con is split up into three separate sessions lasting a little over an hour each. These sessions are completely free for all Young Professionals that are registered for the Benchmarking Conference. Register for the Pre-Conference Sessions here.

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Young Professionals Pre-Conference Agenda

Tuesday, October 20th: 9:30 – 10:45 AM EDT
  • “Opportunity is Knocking” Peer Networking
    • The first Young Professionals Pre-Conference Session will be a peer networking exchange focused on identifying and taking advantage of opportunity. Attendees will be able to discuss with peers the challenges of opportunity, potential benefits, and their own experiences, all while growing their network!
    • Potential discussion topics include:
      • What different kinds of opportunity are out there
      • How to communicate that you are looking for it to those that could help
      • How to change your mindset to better attract opportunity
      • How outside circumstances can create opportunity
      • What actions help move the dial on opportunity
      • How you can help others see their potential for opportunity
Wednesday, October 21st: 9:30 – 10:45 AM EDT
  • "Earning the Right To Be Heard" With Conference Keynote speaker Phillip Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE
    • Do you wish to increase the odds that customers and company leaders alike take you and your ideas more seriously in the future? Would you like decision-makers above you to consider your proposals more carefully?  Would you want to earn credibility and additional opportunities even if one of your ideas isn’t accepted and acted upon?
    • This practical, high-energy session will successfully get you inside the head of decision-makers in order to address the questions they must have answered to deliver what you want. You will learn a proven method for preparing and communicating high-quality ideas, professionally, thus earning you the right to be heard!
Thursday, October 22nd: 9:30 – 10:45 AM EDT
  • Small-Group Mentoring Session
    • The Young Professionals Network began a Mentorship Program in January 2020 and has had over 30 successful mentoring relationships develop. 10+ of these mentors are willing to offer their time to young professionals in a small group setting. Those that attend this session will have the opportunity to interact with senior leaders in the industry and pick their brains for lessons and experience, receive advice on current challenges, and be impacted by our mentors.

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