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Domestic Molding Source Needed: Thermoforming or Injection Molding

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Domestic Molding Source Needed: Thermoforming or Injection Molding

Post by Troyonix29 » Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:10 am

The MAPP office received a call from the President of the US Reshoring Initiative who asked us to notify MAPP members about this opportunity.

A company called Flip Top Plates that would like to manufacture their product in the US, but they currently have a Chinese manufacturer who may win the job.

It appears that they are trying to use Thermoforming, but they are looking for the most cost efficient process for the expected volume so Injection Molding could be a competitive suggested process.

Here are some video links for the plates below.

Details from Harry Moser of the Re-shoring Initiative
I am seeking your help to find a molder to make plastic plates for a start-up. Here is what I know:
1. Product is shown in the attached photos and the links below. More info in the attached email.
2. Patented.
3. Currently made by thermoforming polystyrene in a prototype mold.
4. Would shift to polypropylene
5. Would prefer injection molding if competitive.
6. Chinese shop quoted an 8 cavity mold in China for $20K.
7. Would prefer to mold in the U.S. because of Walmart’s U.S. Mfg. program.
9. Quantities: anticipates millions in the first year, 20 million per month in a few years.
10. Has a meeting with the Chinese shop at PMA in Orlando to finalize a contract. Will source from China unless he finds a competitive U.S. source.
11. Pricing: I have overviewed Total Cost of ownership with him. I SWAG that a U.S. ex-works price around $0.08 or $0.09 per unit would be competitive.

Please, ASAP, connect appropriate molders to Shahein, copying me.
Harry C. Moser
Founder and President

The PRODUCT Owner's contact information is:
Shahein Esfahani

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