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Best Practices for Customer Required Shipping Labels

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Best Practices for Customer Required Shipping Labels

Post by cradford » Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:38 pm


We have a customer that requires us to have certain information on the box label of our parts. For all the information required, we can print all but one required field on our production labels that get applied to the box during molding. The one required field we cannot do is the purchase order number. We cannot print the purchase order number on our production labels for a couple reasons: We often group several purchase orders together into one work order, and putting the purchase order number on the production label would require a lot more administrative work ahead of time and coordination during production that would counteract any benefit for the Shipping department. Another reason is we have a stocking program for this customer for some parts, so we would not know the purchase order at the time of production.

Due to these reasons, we have been applying a "shipping" label to each box prior to shipment that contains all the information required (including the purchase order). This is quite a bit of work for our Shipping department given the volume that our customer orders, and we have been in contact with the customer about easing the PO requirement so that the label applied during production is all that is needed. However, our customer is now going to a more standardized labeling requirement for all its suppliers which still has the PO as a required field. Our customer is also expanding into a new market, and we are providing a sizeable amount of components for this new venture, so the volume of shipments (and labels required) is going to keep increasing.

I was wondering whether anyone else has customer requirements similar to this, and have found a more efficient method of labeling prior to shipment? The new label requirements are based off of automotive standards, so I assume that molders for the automotive industry may have dealt with a similar situation.

Let me know if I need to clarify anything.

Thank you!

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Re: Best Practices for Customer Required Shipping Labels

Post by GSIB2017 » Mon May 07, 2018 10:27 am

Could you add a PO# to the label and leave it blank and the shipping department just stamp it on with a rubber stamper? ... 9/28704957

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