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Temporary COVID-19 bonus pay / benefits

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Temporary COVID-19 bonus pay / benefits

Post by » Thu Apr 09, 2020 3:03 pm

We are considering additional pay and / or benefits on a temporary basis during the pandemic. We would leave the endpoint flexible, as we don’t know how this will unfold. For instance an effective drug might not slow the number of cases, but reduce the severity considerably. Or our Company might be in dire straits economically, etc., etc.

What are you doing, or are you doing nothing?

We are not asking what your pay or what your benefits currently are, but rather if / what are you changing.

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Re: Temporary COVID-19 bonus pay / benefits

Post by GaryG420 » Thu Apr 09, 2020 3:37 pm

If you're in a state that allows for 'underemployment' insurance claims and your production demands have dropped significantly, you might consider production schedules that will result in your team members working limited hours that are above the min but below the max to receive these benefits. This would then qualify them for the federal $600 enhancement (at least that is what we've been able to gather through calls to Michigan's unemployment office and research on SHRM and other legal posts). For anyone not in the mid-high $20s per hour, this increases their take home pay (in some cases dramatically) and they would no longer have to endure the situation where those who are at home completely laid off are enjoying a financial windfall in the short term while they are not.

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