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LOTO at the press during changeover

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LOTO at the press during changeover

Post by jenniferduty » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:41 pm

Our presses have 3 safety interlocks and we currently do not require the setter to utilize LOTO during a mold/die change. But the question continues to come up if we should, although we are not sure how it would be possible (none of our presses are large enough for someone to walk into and not be seen). Does anyone perform LOTO during a changeover? Do you train or require your techs to perform a cursory safety check of the mold and press when they have to troubleshoot when there is an issue with production? Does anyone run ejection return springs in your tools, and if so, how do you account for any potential hazards they may face? Thanks

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Re: LOTO at the press during changeover

Post by Troyonix29 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:55 am

Jennifer, this continues to be an issue plaguing the membership base as there is tremendous inconsistency with how this is viewed by OSHA inspectors in the field.

The MAPP staff and leaders of MAPP's membership have been working with the legislative professionals of the Plastics Industry Association (PIA) to influence OSHA's leadership to understand how the technology of the molding press has changed over the years. This interaction was ignited after yet another processor was cited by OSHA for not locking out the molding press during mold changes.

There have been a number of MAPP members that have altered their molding presses, one in particular is Chore Time Brock (CTB) out of South Bend, IN who has divided up the press electrically so that barrel heats remain on during the LOTO process, but the energy required to move the platen is actually off.

I'm not sure this posting helps you, but our industry remains due to the OSHA's filed reps interpretation.


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