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I, Troy Nix (Executive Director of MAPP), along with Ben Harp (President of MAPP), our staff and the entire MAPP membership community pledge to help your company stay competitive in an ever-changing plastics industry.

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ERP Product Discount (IQMS)
Health Care Insurance Program
Identity Theft (Employee Benefit)
Legal Assistance Hotline
MRO Discount (W.W. Grainger)
MAPP On-Line Forum (Blog)
MSDS Management Services
Office Supplies Discount (Staples)
Plastics Mfg. Improvement Program
PolyOne Mold Flow
PolyOne Resin Discount (1-time offer)
P & L Insurance
Prepaid Legal (Employee Benefit)
Problem Solving
R & E Tax Credit Program
Technical Services Hotline
Technical Training
Web Watch Service (Leadlander)
Workers Comp Group Insurance
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