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Being a part of MAPP has really exposed how important it is to share and be connected within the industry. We have picked up a lot of critical information from other people on these through the MAPP peer network, and it has been very helpful. 

Added Benefits

Your organization can take advantage of the recently added benefits to make your MAPP membership even more valuable. Some of these new benefits include:

  • Member Resource Hub - Member-only site where plastics companies share training materials, best practices, on-boarding resources, lean and quality training and any other training or learning materials.
  • Department-Specific Events and Training - A MAPP membership opens doors for everyone in your organization. New MAPP events are targeting specific job functions, such as engineering, quality or sales, to allow for deep-dive educational sessions.
  • New Benchmarking Studies and Reports - MAPP is known for its data and benchmarking, and each year the MAPP benchmarking team compiles additional data and information to generate reports that members receive at free or discounted rates.
  • Additional Cost-Reduction Programs - As MAPP continues to grow, industry service providers choose to partner with MAPP to offer members exclusive cost-savings that they cannot receive anywhere else. From resin and MRO to legal and accounting services, these savings programs are added and updated each year to expand the discounts members receive. 

Coming this Year

Looking ahead, MAPP has even more benefits available exclusively to MAPP members, such as:

  • Leadership Training Programs - In partnership with the Thayer Leadership Development Group, MAPP has designed a comprehensive leadership training program for plastics industry leaders - exclusively for our members.
  • Executive Peer Groups - 2020 has shown us that it is more important than ever to connect and learn from one another. To that end, MAPP is designing exclusive peer groups to allow for deeper connections and networking. 
  • Specialty Virtual Exchanges - As the world changes, MAPP has continued to offer virtual exchanges to its membership. These specialty exchanges allow peers from each department to come together and benchmark and share solutions with one another.

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