Mueller Prost

Mueller Prost, a CPA and Business Advisory firm, has been helping plastics manufacturers and distributors for over 35 years. Mueller Prost’s expertise has helped their clients develop dynamic companies that expect and anticipate changes in the marketplace.

Mueller Prost specializes in the identification and substantiation of tax incentives for plastics processors. These incentives include the R&D tax credit, export incentives, hiring incentives, tax credits for forklift fuel, and more. In addition, they’ve assisted numerous companies plan for an exit and/or an ownership transition to others.

Mueller Prost will also work with a company’s CPA. By working together, clients can benefit from the Mueller Prost firm’s specialized knowledge, coupled with the CPA’s knowledge of the client’s organization. For more information, contact: Michael J. Devereux II, CPA, CMP at Mueller Prost (314) 862-2070 or

Mueller Prost has helped numerous MAPP members take advantage of the federal and state tax incentives and offers MAPP members three free hours of tax and accounting advice.