In 1979, RapidPurge established itself as the global leader by being the first to introduce a commercial-grade chemical purging compound to the U.S. thermoplastics industry. Since that time, our products have continued to lead the industry in delivering superior performance at a competitive cost.

Through our corporate sales staff and international network of technically knowledgeable distributors, we proudly serve satisfied customers around the world as a US-based manufacturer and as a global leader in chemical/mechanical purging compounds for over 40 years.

Through focused research and development, we have continually expanded our product lines to include the world’s leading chemical and mechanical purging compounds, as well as custom blended products to meet every thermoplastic purging need. Our full spectrum of extensively modified chemical and mechanical formulations addresses the need for optimum cost-effective performance for a wide range of applications.

Well known as a global supplier of consistent, high quality products, RapidPurge is widely respected for having the technical abilities to solve the most challenging thermoplastic purging problems. We have learned about these challenges by listening to customers just like you, all over the world, day after day, for more than 40 years — and still counting!

Products for Every Purging Application

RapidPurge can change your purging paradigm with our complete lineup of universal and compatible products, each of which targets specific requirements for performance, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.

1) RapidPurge will offer 10% off its regular price for all MAPP members. This discount will be in effect as long as the customer is a member of MAPP - i.e., there is no time limit/expiry of this offer.

2) We will offer on-site training and process customization for all customers who are MAPP members.

3) We will match or beat any competitor’s price for our equivalent grade. Proof of current purchase price and volume required.