Jim Kunkel Champion Profile

Jim Kunkel, Plant Manager

Pioneer Plastics, Inc.

Alma Mater: Mater Dei High School

How did you become involved in the plastics industry?

Back in 1981 I was looking for a job and found one at a company called Kent Plastics in Evansville, Indiana.

What is your favorite part about your current role?

Working with all of the great people here at Pioneer to satisfy our Customers' and employees' needs.

What has been your proudest moment at your current organization?

Seeing people that we have hired with little or no plastics knowledge progress into confident, knowledgeable processors.

At work, what are you most known for among your colleagues?

Attention to detail.

How do you define success?

Contributing to the growth and success of our employees.

What book are you currently reading?

Red Metal by Mark Greaney

What other groups or organizations are you active in?

My Parish Church.

What is one thing about you that others would be surprised to learn?

One of my hobbies is to support my wife in her showing of her American Saddlebred Show Horse.

If you weren't in the plastics industry, what would you be doing?

Most likely woodworking.

What is your favorite thing or story about the MAPP organization?

My favorite thing is MAPP itself. Growing from when it started to what it is today is amazing!

How have you received value from the MAPP organization? What are the greatest benefits you currently receive?

The greatest benefit for me is just being able to interact with all of the great members.