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Title:2010 Health and Ancillary Report
Date:November 8th 2010
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Description:A total of 68 plastics manufacturing executives participated in MAPP's 2010 Health & Ancillary Insurance Survey. Respondants represented well over 9,300 employee lives and aggregately account for over one billion dollars in annual sales revenue. The surveyed population generates an annual payroll of approximately $253,000,000 and purchases over $30.6 Million of medical coverage annually.

Some of the most relavent and up-to-date bencmarks included in MAPP's 2010 report on the health and ancillary insurance industry include:

*Benefits Eligibility and Health Plan Types;
*Contribution Levels for Employers & Employees
*Health Care Coverage as a Percent of Total Payroll
*Rate Increases Incurred and Anticipated
*Cost Reduction Strategies
*Medical Plan Network: Providers, Premiums, Deductibles, OOP, Co-Pays, Coinsurance
*Medical Plan OUT of Network Details
Dental, Vision, Life, Short & Long Term Disabiliy and Prescription Drug Plan Details.

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