MAPP Member Benefits: Owners, What's in it for You?

MAPP's membership is made up of over 420 member companies and thousands of industry professionals. MAPP strives to provide resources for professionals across all functional areas. These resources are meant to help professionals increase their productivity, connect with other like-minded individuals and benchmark best practices in that area. MAPP's "What's In It For You?" series highlights just a few of the different resources available for a specific job role or title. 

Company owners are in a position unlike any others in their organization. Below are a few resources provided to company owners through their MAPP membership to help them successfully lead their organizations:

This is a small portion of what is available to MAPP members, and each year, the MAPP team continues to add new opportunities! 

If you have questions about how to take advantage of any resources offered to you by MAPP, please email ( or call (317-913-2440) the MAPP office.