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“We selected SIGMASOFT® in 2010 after completing a three-way comparison between the major players in polymer simulation software. SIGMA was the only one to consider temperate soak of the injection mold over time, as opposed to competitor packages which assume a static temperature. SIGMA also considered the unique thermal characteristics of both mold components and over-molded components. The results were clear; only SIGMA’s model correlated astonishingly close to the actual molded part and proved to be the superior technology for truly accurate, mold, pack, fill, and warp simulation.”

Eric Paules, VP, Operations
Crescent Industries, Inc.
I reached out to MAPP for help on an issue and they immediately went to work and got me resources. I know that I can always count on MAPP when I have an industry-specific question or need.

Phil Katen, President
Plastikos, Inc.
My company belongs to MAPP for one pays! Last year alone, my company realized 5 figure savings by using MAPP's purchasing leverage. But more importantly, we used MAPP's Technical Training to significantly improve the skill sets of our employees. With all of this said, I still gained even more through the networking contacts I made and with the insight my management team has gained by using MAPP's plastics benchmarking information and improvement programs.

Matt Hlavin, Vice President
Thogus Products
My company has been a MAPP Member since 2003 and the decision to join has positively impacted our profitability in more ways than I can count. Not only have we gained a ton of leverage on the purchases we make which translates into savings, but we have also made significant strides at improving our company by using the Benchmarking information that MAPP provides to us. This is a great organization!

Mike Walter, Vice President and General Managers
Met Plastics
MAPP is an amazing organization! I posted a request for help in finding a mudd base just before 5:00 PM on Thursday evening. I started receiving replies almost immediately. When I checked my e-mail the next morning I was relieved to see that someone had what I needed. My emergency was over. What could have been a disaster with one of my customers was completely avoided because of the MAPP network. It is wonderful how MAPP members unselfishly respond to the needs of their peers. MAPP is truly a trade association that helps it members and members who help each other.

Lindsey Hahn, President
Metro Plastics
The implementation of RJG technology across our entire production facility, supported by the outstanding training and support of the RJG team, has been an extremely important step in the continued development of the fully-automated production model at Plastic Components, Inc.

Tom Duffey, President
Plastic Components, Inc.
We joined MAPP because we thought that the organization could help us reach more companies with our message of greater profits through scrap and downtime reduction. Little did we expect that MAPP members, through the forum on the MAPP website, would be helping us resolve an urgent packaging problem that we faced. After looking into a suggestion from a member, we found a way to solve our packaging supply problem, improve the appearance of our product, and save up to $30,000 / year while doing so! Thank you, MAPP!

Joseph Serell , Vice President
Welcome to our new website! I would like to thank all of our Members for their patience during this time of improvement and growth. We are thrilled to offer a new and improved website that will allow you to take better advantage of your membership and services.

I invite you to visit a brand new section of our site "Communicate with Members", a Members Only section that allows you to communicate and interact with the ENTIRE MAPP MEMBERSHIP at any time!

Troy Nix, Executive Director
MAPP, Inc.
Ice Miller acts as general counsel to our entire company. Their plastics industry team provides us advice on a broad range of issues, ranging from commercial contracts to corporate acquisitions to employee benefits to protecting our intellectual property. The responsiveness, thoroughness, and efficiency of Alan Rothenbuecher and his plastics team is unparalleled. They know the issues and challenges of working in the plastics industry. We are grateful we came to know Ice Miller through MAPP and can't recommend them enough to fellow MAPP members.

Roger Williams, CEO
Royer Corporation
Dear INCOE Team,
Great news! Thanks to all for the attention to details that made this a success. Although this is only a 2 drop "V' pattern system, it replaced a competitors system that could not fill the parts. It takes a great deal of customer frustration to fire the existing supplier and shows a great deal of confidence in INCOE to correct the existing problems. I cannot express enough INCOE Service and Responsive Partnership

CEO of Custom Mold Maker founded in 1988

Material Scheduler / Planner, Global Electric Motor OEM
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