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Moving Injection Molding Machines

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Moving Injection Molding Machines

Post by aturrell » Wed May 29, 2019 10:29 am

We have a MAPP member that is looking for advice and best practices for moving injection molding machines. Currently, they are about to move 10+ machines within their facility. They are looking for best practices/do's & dont's/ and "gotcha's" from others who have had to move their machines in the past.

Do you have any best practices or advice for moving machines?

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Re: Moving Injection Molding Machines

Post by Wiseplastics » Wed Jun 05, 2019 4:32 pm

We have moved a few machines over the years. First is to know or find out what are the customer requirements when moving a machine. Then determine how long it will take to run the studies, measure and submit / wait approval. Meaning you will want to run inventory to cover the down time etc.
Even moving a press a few feet within the same plant can require re-submittal.
Next is to plan, plan, plan. Layout the new machine in a CAD program and make sure everything is in line. Will the crane hook coverage reach the center of the platen, if equipped with a robot, are there any guarding or other presses that will interfere. Have the utilities roughed in and waiting. Evaluate what else might need to move out of the way or be shut down to get the machine where you want it.
We plan on a two week period of downtime to allow for some maintenance items or enhancements to the machines while they are down, such as detailing (cleaning from top to bottom inside and out) or painting them, replacing any worn hoses or pipes, replacing the Plexiglas guards, etc. The two weeks starts the day before moving day when we disconnect everything and prep for the move.
Hire riggers to move the machines. Its cheaper and faster than trying to save a few thousand dollars and tying up your staff, not to mention 110% safer.
Just a few pointers. Good luck.

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Re: Moving Injection Molding Machines

Post by cbeavers » Thu Jun 06, 2019 9:25 am

We have someone here that can reach out. We have moved several machines that have moved in our facility, and our Maintenance Manager could probably help you.

Can you send me an email address so he can contact you directly? I'm not sure if he's got his MAPP login setup just yet.


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