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Communicating Short and Long-Term Planning

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Communicating Short and Long-Term Planning

Post by » Mon Apr 06, 2020 9:52 am

Hello MAPP members,

We have received several inquiries as to how members are communicating their action plans to employees. Specifically, how have you communicated the short-term plan and long term-plan differently? Also, who have you communicated these plans to? Does every employee need to know all of the details about each plan? How do you choose who needs to know what?

Any examples or suggestions are welcome here!

Please email any documents or communications you are willing to share to


Tony Robinson

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Re: Communicating Short and Long-Term Planning

Post by EvanBerns » Thu Apr 09, 2020 10:13 am

Hi. We have a short policy (attached) that has been distributed and posted. Once a week we do stand up huddles with all associates in small groups and update them on how we are doing:

no know positives in our community
reminders of the policy
anything we have done since the policy was last published
things we want them to do more of
things we are thinking or considering as changes to policy
answer any questions
remind them of the policy again

So far it seems to be working OK
3-23-2020 Seitz Policy relative to Colds Flu COVID-19 and other illnesses r8.docx
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