Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Values

MAPP's Vision

To be the association of choice for plastics manufacturing professionals who strive to be best-in-class and take full ownership of their involvement and participation.

MAPP's Mission

MAPP’s mission is to enable leaders within the plastics industry to achieve new levels of success.

MAPP's Purpose

MAPP is a giving organization comprised of the nation’s most successful plastics manufacturing companies. 

We are…

  • United in the belief that American plastics companies can compete and win if we help each other understand today’s best practices.
  • Driven to provide cutting edge resources and paradigm shifting information to significantly strengthen our members.
  • Duty-bound to connect plastics professionals for the purpose of promoting mutually beneficial knowledge sharing that propagates success and impacts industry sustainability.

MAPP's Values

The MAPP Association values its members and sponsors and is committed to providing a return on investment.

  • MAPP offers more than a dollar’s worth of benefits for a dollar’s worth of dues.
  • MAPP values the spirit of camaraderie where individuals take actions to help one another. 
  • MAPP values contributions of individual members and believes that participation builds return on investment.
  • MAPP values the collective intelligence of its members, respects it, trusts it, and protects it.
  • MAPP values the business ethics of honesty, integrity, and responsiveness.

MAPP Code of Conduct

As a condition of membership in MAPP, no one will directly solicit for employment or hire any employee of another member organization arising out of or in connection with any MAPP-sponsored event, function, meeting, or activity.  If a member organization is found to have violated this restriction while a member of MAPP, its membership is subject to immediate revocation and cancellation.  The foregoing restriction shall not prohibit the hiring of any such employee of another member organization: (i) pursuant to a general solicitation of employment directed at the public in general, in publications available to the public in general; (ii) who is presented by an employee search firm, employment agency or similar organization, provided that such firm was not specifically instructed by the member organization to target another member’s employees; (iv) who is terminated by the member organization; or (v) who contacts the member organization of his or her own initiative regarding employment without any direct solicitation by that member or member’s agents.