New Member Information

Congratulations! We are honored that you have decided to join MAPP! MAPP provides services, resources, cost reduction programs to its members across the country. On this page, you will find checklists, suggestions and resources to help you start getting the most from your membership investment.

New Member Checklist

Here are a few important steps to take as you begin your membership experience.

  1. Complete (or update) your member facility profile and capabilities. We want to know a little bit about your facility and its employees so we can deliver the content and communications that you’ll find most valuable. You can do that from your member's area page when you are logged in here.
  2. Mark your calendar. Find an event from a webinar to a plant tour, conference and more from our many offerings that will help take your facility to the next level.
  3. Join the discussion in our member's forum, in our members-only section of the website. Start connecting and sharing ideas with your peers. Log in to the forum with the same username and password you use for the MAPP site.

Accessing Members-Only Content

To access members-only online content, you must be logged onto the website and that your username and password are personal to you.

The primary account holder (typically the person who joined initially), can add and edit employees as well so they can create their own member accounts. Additionally, if your company is a new MAPP member, you can create an account here

Please email or call the office at 317-913-2440 if you need help with this. 

Learning About Member Benefits

Where can I learn about my member benefits?
With so many offerings to our members, it can be difficult to know where to start! We recommend checking out our Member Benefits 101 page here. Or, you can reference the digital copy of the Member Benefits booklet here.

Some initial pages to check out include:

Additional Information

Did you know?

Your membership applies to everyone at your facility. Our aim is to have a variety resources and opportunities that apply to many job titles from top to bottom.  Some specific benefits can be addressed here on our “What’s In It For You?” series here.

Finally, if your company is made up of several facility locations, we have a multi-facility discount. That means that each additional facility from your corporation that joins MAPP, joins at an extremely discounted rate. You can find more information about this by contacting the office at or by calling 317-913-2440.