How Can MAPP Help Your Company?

The plastics industry is a demanding industry for manufacturers, and expectations from customers have never been higher.
MAPP provides resources and solutions to help plastic processors grow through best practices, data, innovative ideas, industry expertise, and unparalleled networking and sharing. Hear firsthand from leaders of MAPP member companies why they are dedicated MAPP members.

Dedicated to adding value...



 "I am a MAPP member because of the opportunity to network with peers, benchmark what we do, and to vet our businesses against others. I am able to find opportunities to improve our business. Spend 10 minutes with a MAPP member and you will see the culture of the organization. The MAPP team is dedicated to adding value to its members and the association, and you don’t get that with other association relationships out there."

Ben Harp, Polymer Conversions


More than we ever expected...

"We decided to become members because the whole spirit of the organization was so collaborative and helpful. It was more than we ever expected. It wasn't like other prof organizations where people are separated by group or industry. Instead, everyone wanted to help each other and really wanted to elevate the industry." 

Missy Rogers, Noble Plastics



Keeping the industry strong...



"I'm proud to be a member because I am passionate about sharing great ideas, industry opportunities, and best practices. Not only sharing what we do but learning what is going on from successful peers across the country and bringing that back to our company. At the end of the day, I want a community of successful companies that I can share in, and we can keep the industry strong for years to come."

Norm Forest, Dymotek


Make your business more profitable...

"Twenty years ago, I used to be a plastics processor myself, and I had no idea how my competition was doing or if I was doing any better or worse than other companies. Today, I would recommend that any plastics processor drop what they are doing to join MAPP. This is a chance to interface with competitors but also learn from each other. In the end you make your business more profitable."

Terry Minnick, MBS Advisors



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