Benchmarking Surveys and Reports

Plastics Industry Information Hub

MAPP is the information and benchmarking hub for plastics processors. Each year, MAPP releases 10-12 benchmarking reports and best practice handbooks to its membership. The data from these initiatives provide details to plastics industry leaders on:

  • Salary and compensation trends
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Financial benchmarks
  • Health and benefits packages
  • Machine rates
  • Mold and machine maintenance
  • Value-added engineering services
  • Information systems management
  • Various checklist compilations, such as program launch, vacation policies, attendance policies, performance appraisals, etc.

Each benchmarking initiative is driven by the input, ideas and recommendations of the MAPP membership.* Questions for annual surveys are updated each year to remain relevant and valuable. All information collected is kept confidential, data is aggregated and reporting is based upon demographic similarities. 

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Benchmarking Participation Benefits

  • MAPP members who complete the surveys receive the results earlier and at no cost
  • Non-MAPP members who complete the surveys receive the results at a discounted rate
  • Some reports offer the opportunity for individual participation comparisons, so leaders can compare their business to the rest of the industry
  • All final survey results are published and available for purchase

Current and Upcoming Benchmarking Studies

MAPP's benchmarking team creates dynamic plans, which allow for the addition of benchmarking initiatives to be added and included throughout the year. Below is a brief look at current and upcoming reports. 2020 Benchmarking Plans will be released in December 2019.

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The Information Systems Management Survey

Information Systems Management Survey is seeking to dive into trends, strategies and plans for IT in the plastics manufacturing industry. This study looks at IT strategy, overall investments, plans, software, hardware, ERP systems, cloud usage, cybersecurity and future planning. 

This study will close on Friday, November 29th. 

Coming Soon

2020 State of the Plastics Industry Study

The 2020 State of the Plastics Industry Study examines critical trends inside plastics organizations across the United States. Data collected within this study relates to high-level company strategies, such as sales, profits, off-shoring, resin pricing, backlog, lead times, market outlook, technology, customer demographics and industry challenges.

This study will open on December 11, 2019.

Recently Published Reports

The following reports and surveys have been completed and published in the last twelve months. These reports are available for purchase here.

  • 2019 State of the Plastics Industry Report - link to purchase page
  • 2019 KPI Boards - Examples from Plastics Processors
  • 2019 Health and Benefits Report
  • 2019 Performance Appraisals and Samples
  • 2019 Plastics Industry Machine Rate
  • 2019 North American Plastics Industry Study
  • 2019 Plastic Companies Vacation Policies 
  • 2019 Program Launch Checklists 
  • 2019 Wage and Salary Report
  • 2018 Mold and Machine Maintenance
  • 2018 Engineering Value Added Services

Annual Reports

MAPP publishes unique, timely and relevant content, which often varies from year to year. However, some data and business information is critical and requires annual or bi-annual reporting. Below are the surveys that MAPP conducts on a regular basis to provide members with the more up-to-date data available:

  • State of the Plastics Industry (collapsible for description underneath)
  • Wage and Salary (collapsible for description underneath)
  • Health and Benefits (collapsible for description underneath)
  • Injection Molding Machine Rates (collapsible for description underneath)
  • North American Plastics Industry Financial Benchmarks (collapsible for description underneath)