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MAPP is the information and benchmarking hub for plastics processors. Each year, MAPP releases 10-12 benchmarking reports and best practice handbooks to its membership. The data from these initiatives provide details to plastics industry leaders on dozens of topics that impact operations.

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Benchmarking Participation Benefits

  • MAPP members who complete the surveys receive the results earlier and at no cost
  • Non-MAPP members who complete the surveys receive the results at a discounted rate
  • Some reports offer the opportunity for individual participation comparisons, so leaders can compare their business to the rest of the industry
  • All final survey results are published and available for purchase

Current and Upcoming Benchmarking Studies


2021 Wage & Salary Report

The plastics processing industry is incredibly volatile, with resin price increases, issues in the supply chain, and a competitive labor market. Processors need current and accurate wage information more than ever before to attract talent while maintaining profitability. MAPP members who complete the study in its entirety will receive a free copy of the report. The report will break down all the data, including job compensation, based on company size and location. All responses will remain completely anonymous.

Click here to preview and purchase the 2021 Wage & Salary Report.

This study closed July 31, 2021.

MAPP Quarterly Pulse Report

MAPP is conducting a Quarterly Pulse Report through 2021.

Participants will receive the final report in their inboxes when it is published. Additionally, those who did not participate in the survey will be able to purchase the report here.

This study closed October 15, 2021.

2021 Machine Rate Report

The purpose of the 2021 Machine Rate Report is to provide executives who operate in the plastics processing industry with benchmarking data for machine rates, markups for added services and capabilities, and a variety of other benchmarks for injection molders. The original machine rate survey was introduced to the plastics processing industry in 2014 and is extensively evaluated and updated before each new launch with the guidance of a committee comprised of senior-level leaders in the plastics industry.

Click here to preview and purchase the 2021 Machine Rate Report.

This study closed September 30, 2021.

2021 MAPP Plastics Benchmarking Report Powered by Harbour Results, Inc.

Harbour Results, Inc. regularly conducts market research within the manufacturing industry to examine key trends, benchmarks, and forecast indicators. More than 90 companies totaling 140 plastics processing facilities participated in this study from April to July 2021. The HRI team carefully analyzed the data from this study and reached out to companies when questions arose. In appreciation of your facility taking the time to be involved in this report, HRI is providing this output for personal use.

Click here to purchase the report.

This study closed July 31, 2021.

2022 State of the Plastics Industry Report

Good business leaders always stay in tune with the state of their industry. By understanding current conditions, executives can make better tactical decisions and validate the status of their operations.

MAPP's State of the Plastics Industry Report was created by plastics business leaders who understand the importance of staying up-to-date on the changing conditions of the marketplace and is the only survey of its kind in the United States plastics industry.

This study closed January 7, 2022.

Recently Published Reports

The following reports and surveys have been completed and published in the last twelve months. These reports are available for purchase here.

Annual & Biennial Reports

MAPP publishes unique, timely and relevant content, which often varies from year to year. However, some data and business information is critical and requires annual or bi-annual reporting. Below are the surveys that MAPP conducts on a regular basis to provide members with the more up-to-date data available:

The State of the Plastics Industry Study examines critical trends inside plastics organizations across the United States. Data collected within this study relates to high-level company strategies, such as sales, profits, off-shoring, resin pricing, backlog, lead times, market outlook, technology, customer demographics and industry challenges.
The Wage and Salary Report includes comprehensive wage and salary data from over 200 plastics processors across the United States. Data includes compensation information on nearly 60 job titles common in the plastics industry, with breakdowns based on annual sales revenue and geographic locations, as well as operational trends, such as PTO and benefits.
This report includes input from plastics and rubber processing companies across the United States, and covers trends in health insurance; vision, dental and life insurance; as well as retirement and other benefits currently being offered by manufacturers.

The report is available to survey participants and MAPP members only. The Machine Rate Report for injection molders includes inputs from hundreds of plastics industry executives in regard to their machine rates. This year's report includes updated and new data, including: 

  • Breakdowns by region, industry and business activity
  • New, narrower machine tonnage ranges
  • Percent markups for SGA, scrap rate, assembly, components, packaging and automated cells
  • Discount or markup rates for high- and low-volume parts and overall complexity
  • Specific benchmarking for cleanroom manufacturing

We strongly believe that data is an important part of plastics processors achieving success, and we are excited to announce that MAPP is continuing to evolve its benchmarking deliverables to members by partnering with Harbour Results, Inc. to create a unique tool - MAPP Plastics Benchmarking.

 MAPP members are able to access an annual study focused on a broad range of topics including financial, business performance, operations, safety, HR, sales and marketing and forecasting. The information gathered during this study will be compiled with information previously collected by MAPP to generate outputs that will help the U.S.-based plastics processors make better, more informed decisions.