Microplastics Inc. Wins 2018 MAPP Innovation Award

Microplastics Inc. Wins Annual MAPP Innovation Award

INDIANAPOLIS - - The Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP) officially announced  Microplastics Inc. as the first place winner of the 2018 annual Innovation Award. Second place went to Intertech Medical, Byrne Electrical Specialists won third place, and Falcon Plastics and Donnelly Custom Manufacturing tied for Honorable Mention.

The 2018 award focused on best practices in defect detection. Over 250 plastics professionals from across the US voted on 17 submissions to this year’s contest.

Grant Gundrum, automation engineer, Microplastics Inc. spoke about their first place win, “Thank you for the opportunity to share our innovation and see all the exciting entries from other MAPP members. Our team at Microplastics is honored to receive this award.”

Additionally, Jon Golub, senior manager of continuous improvement, Byrne, said of this experience, “As a family owned company that has been in business for nearly 50 years, Byrne is excited to accept the 2018 Innovation Award! In today’s global landscape, automation leads the way to stay competitive in the world of manufacturing. We honor our tradition and pioneer change by utilizing automated equipment for routine tasks, so that we can build our team members skills and abilities. Thank you to all who voted and competed in the competition!”

Sharing best practices, creating a community that improves the competitiveness and efficiency of all members is the true spirit of MAPP—and is the spirit in which this award was given. 

The 2018 Innovation Award winners received their award and recognition at the 2018 Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference in Indianapolis on October 10-12 in front of nearly 600 attendees.