2020 State of the Industry Webinar

With new challenges and uncertainties in the plastics marketplace right now, company leaders need to understand the overall landscape. This knowledge allows them to better plan, strategize and prepare for the rest of the year. Join MAPP's leadership team, led by Troy Nix, as they delve into the results of the 2020 State of the Plastics Industry Report. Using twenty years of data, this webinar will share insights, predictions and changes in major indicators.

What was covered:

  • Background of the report
  • Industry Demographics on Participants
  • Executive Summary – Part 1: 4th Quarter Performance
  • Executive Summary – Part 2: 2020 Projections
  • Report Overview
    1. Sales Trends
    2. Production Tooling
    3. Raw Material
    4. Capital Expenditures
    5. Money & Profits
    6. Challenges for Plastics Manufacturing
    7. New This Year

For the full report and the webinar, click the link below: