Membership Application

MAPP Member Commitment Statement

The MAPP Association values its members and sponsors and is committed to providing a return on investment.

  • MAPP values the spirit of camaraderie where individuals take actions to help one another. 
  • MAPP values contributions of individual members and believes that participation builds return on investment.
  • MAPP values the collective intelligence of its members, respects it, trusts it, and protects it.
  • MAPP values the business ethics of honesty, integrity, and responsiveness.

I understand that successful members:

  • aggressively seek to improve their organizations through professional development at all levels
  • look for best-in-class vendors and suppliers to support their operations
  • constantly search for new best practices to implement in their facility
  • believe that building a strong network is key to success in business
  • actively communicate and share their knowledge with others in the industry

As a condition of membership in MAPP, no one will directly solicit for employment or hire any employee of another member organization arising out of or in connection with any MAPP-sponsored event, function, meeting, or activity.  If a member organization is found to have violated this restriction while a member of MAPP, its membership is subject to immediate revocation and cancellation.  The foregoing restriction shall not prohibit the hiring of any such employee of another member organization: (i) pursuant to a general solicitation of employment directed at the public in general, in publications available to the public in general; (ii) who is presented by an employee search firm, employment agency or similar organization, provided that such firm was not specifically instructed by the member organization to target another member’s employees; (iv) who is terminated by the member organization; or (v) who contacts the member organization of his or her own initiative regarding employment without any direct solicitation by that member or member’s agents.

As a new MAPP member, I pledge to uphold these values and engage in the MAPP network. Check the box to agree and continue.