Innovation Award

Introducing the 2023 Innovation Award: Automated Manufacturing Solutions: Smart Manufacturing Solutions or Labor Solutions  

MAPP is pleased to announce submissions for the 2023 Innovation Award are now open!

There is a slight change this year, there are two categories for this year's awards: Smart Manufacturing Solutions (ex. Lights Out, IoT, Industry 4.0, Remote Monitoring, etc.) and Labor Solutions (Projects that have impacted the labor shortage or allowed for redeployment of labor). Member companies may submit multiple entries for each category.

The Innovation Award celebrates, recognizes, and shares best practices from innovative companies that take the initiative to incorporate new ideas to help their business stay ahead in competitive manufacturing industries. Award submissions will be compiled and distributed to MAPP members for anonymous voting.

Winners of this year's awards will receive an award and recognition at the 2023 Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference. 

All submissions will be shared in the electronic version of the 2023 Best Practices Handbook which will be featured on the MAPP website.

Submissions can include a description and any photos or video footage that you would like to include. Your submission will be judged on the following criteria:
  • Level of Impact (Overall Impact)
  • Level of Innovation (Creativity)
  • Level of Sustainability (Ability to Duplicate/ Re-deploy quickly on a mass scale)
  • Level of Value (Monetary Value)
  • Level of In-House Creation
Submissions for this award are due no later than July 14.
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A special thank you to AMCO Polymers for sponsoring the 2023 Innovation Award.

You can view all the winners & submissions in the annual Best Practices Books.

2022 Innovation Award Winners: Automated Manufacturing Solutions

Greater than $15 Million in Annual Revenue:

  1. KW Container
  2. Beacon Engineered Solutions
  3. Crescent Industries

Less than $15 Million in Annual Revenue:

  1. Champion Plastics
  2. Noble Plastics
  3. Natech Plastics

2021 Innovation Award Winners: Employee Retention

< 150 Employees Winners:

  • Plastic Components Inc.
  • Intertech Plastics, Inc.
  • Greenleaf Industries

 150 Employees Winners:

  • Seitz Corporation
  • Deluxe Plastics - Medford
  • Viking Plastics

2020 Innovation Award Winners: Technology on the Plant Floor

Under $15M Annual Sales Winners:

  • Automation Plastics
  • Noble Plastics
  • Bamar Plastics

Above $15M Annual Sales Winners:

  • Intertech Medical
  • Falcon Plastics
  • HPC

2019 Innovation Award Winners: Workstation Layout

Under $15M Annual Sales Winners:

  • Blue Ridge Molding
  • Wadal Plastics
  • Bruin Manufacturing

Above $15M Annual Sales Winners:

  • Intertech Medical
  • Plastic Components Inc (PCI)
  • Falcon Plastics, Lexington

2018 Innovation Award Winners: Defect Detection 

  • Microplastics, Inc. 
  • Intertech Medical 
  • Byrne Electrical Specialists
  • Donnelly Custom Manufacturing
  • Falcon Plastics - Lexington 

2017: Innovation Award Winners: Automation Deployment

  • Intertech Plastics
  • Microplastics
  • Makuta Technics
  • Wisconsin Plastics

2016: Innovation Award Winners: Water Manifold Systems

  • DeKalb Molded  Plastics
  • Dymotek
  • Nicolet Plastics

2015: Innovation Awards Winners: SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) Carts

  • Deluxe Plastics
  • PMT (Plastic Molding Technology Inc)
  • Microplastics