Innovation Award

Congratulations to the 2020 Innovation Award Winners! 

At MAPP's core lives the mission to connect and share innovative best practices. Every year, MAPP's board of directors selects a relevant and topical "theme" for the innovation award. MAPP members are encouraged to submit their company's best practice in this theme. Submissions are sent out to the MAPP membership - and winners are voted on and selected by their peers. Winners of the Innovation award are recognized on stage at MAPP's annual Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference each October in Indianapolis in front of more than 600 of their peers. Winners also receive a check, free registration to specific events and recognition in MAPP's national publications.

MAPP's leadership team believes that being an innovator requires nothing more than owning what you do and having pride in it. Innovation isn't something a company or an individual does separate from their everyday work. Instead, innovation is a means of taking a look at the work you and your colleagues do and seeing how you can do it better! 

You can view all the winners & submission in the annual Best Practices Books.

2020 Innovation Award Winners: Technology on the Plant Floor

Under $15M Annual Sales Winners:

  • Automation Plastics
  • Noble Plastics
  • Bamar Plastics

Above $15M Annual Sales Winners:

  • Intertech Medical
  • Falcon Plastics
  • HPC

2019 Innovation Award Winners: Workstation Layout

Under $15M Annual Sales Winners:

  • Blue Ridge Molding
  • Wadal Plastics
  • Bruin Manufacturing

Above $15M Annual Sales Winners:

  • Intertech Medical
  • Plastic Components Inc (PCI)
  • Falcon Plastics, Lexington

2018 Innovation Award Winners: Defect Detection 

  • Microplastics, Inc. 
  • Intertech Medical 
  • Byrne Electrical Specialists
  • Donnelly Custom Manufacturing
  • Falcon Plastics - Lexington 

2017: Innovation Award Winners: Automation Deployment

  • Intertech Plastics
  • Microplastics
  • Makuta Technics
  • Wisconsin Plastics

2016: Innovation Award Winners: Water Manifold Systems

  • DeKalb Molded  Plastics
  • Dymotek
  • Nicolet Plastics

2015: Innovation Awards Winners: SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) Carts

  • Deluxe Plastics
  • PMT (Plastic Molding Technology Inc)
  • Microplastics