MAPP Forum

Have a question you would like to ask fellow members? Post it on the forum and let the MAPP network help you! Go to the forum here.

Once you are on the forum page, you will have to log in to post on the Forum. You can save this setting so you don’t have to log in every time you visit this page.

The MAPP Forum includes four main topic areas:

  • Business
    • This topic area is most commonly used for posting questions regarding plastics benchmarking, operational questions or general business questions.
    • Examples of posts in this area include: seeking samples of tool shop scorecards, understanding ISO compliance and regulations, suggestions for employee training, disposing of obsolete tools and benchmarking mold condition standards.
  • Equipment
    • The Equipment section of the MAPP Forum is most commonly used for buying and selling equipment or looking for suggestions on equipment rentals or acquisitions. 
    • Examples of posts to this area include: seeking a mold temperature controller, selling a material silo, recommendations for brands of spectrophotometers, and looking for a small volume re-pelletizer.
  • Materials Needed
    • This section is used for processor members to display their need for certain materials to other member organizations.
    • Simply include the resin, how much you need, your contact information, and any other significant details and other MAPP members will be able to see your need and make a difference.
  • Materials Available
    • The Materials Available section is used for processor members to post their available or obsolete materials for other members to buy. 
    • Due to the resin crisis in early 2021, many members were able to impact fellow processors by posting their materials and providing much-needed resin for all to see. 
    • Similar to the Materials Needed section above, include the resin, how much you have available, your contact information, and any other significant details.
  • Job Openings
    • As the title suggests, the Job Openings section is open to members to post job openings at their facilities. Non-MAPP members are able to access this section of the Forum and view potential job opportunities at MAPP member organizations.

You can click on those main sections to view posts related to that topic. To read a post, simply click on the title of it. If you want to reply, scroll to the bottom of the post, and you will see on the bottom left a button that says "post reply." Click on that to enter your reply.

To post your own question, click on the main category your question falls into. Now, on the top left, click on  “new topic.”  That is where you will write your post.

Simply fill in the subject and then the body of the message, and when you are ready click submit at the bottom. Also, be sure that the box is checked at the bottom that says “Notify me when a reply is posted.” This will send you an alert email anytime another member responds to your post. You can also attach files such as images, PDFs, or Excel files.

If you have any questions about posting or replying on the forum, email the MAPP office at and the MAPP staff would be happy to help.