Member profiles

Why should you care about your online profile?

MAPP’s website is being used by OEMs and end users to find sources of supply for manufacturers of plastic parts and components. MAPP members investing the time to fill out their company profiles and production capabilities on the site have a much higher probability of being found!

Updating your profile

Updating your information only takes a couple of minutes and can ONLY be done by the primary point of contact for your company. (Please note: If someone else should be the online primary account holder, please call the office at 317-913-2440.) 

Step #1: Go to the MAPP home page and click on the box entitled "Members Area" in the top right-hand corner of the homepage and enter your username and password to log in.

Step #2: Once logged in, you will see the Member Resources and Manage Your Company menus.

Step #3:  Click “Update your company’s information” under the Manage Your Company section and ensure your company’s information is correct and that you have selected a box next to the Type of Manufacturing checklist (Blow Molding, Compression Molding, Extrusion, Injection Molding...)

Step #4: Enter your company profile. This is an open text area that describes your company, what you do, why you do it and what makes you stand out. The more descriptive the better, as the words you choose will be used in the keyword search by potential customers finding your company. When you are finished, click the blue "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

Step #5: Return to the "Members Area" and click “Update your company’s capabilities”

Step #6: Follow the prompts and click the selections that most closely match your company’s capabilities, if you have not done so already.

As always, if you have trouble you can email, or call 317-913-2440.