Molding Innovation Day 2024 – Polymers Center of Excellence

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The Molding Innovation Day, scheduled for February 15, 2024, will be a collaborative effort between Moldex3D, EPS Flotek, and the Polymers Center of Excellence, taking place at the Polymers Center of Excellence in North Carolina. The primary focus of this event is on enhancing machine integration and fostering improved communication between machines to achieve intelligent production through the application of Moldex3D. It also includes a guided tour of the Polymers Center facility and hands-on workshop led by Moldex3D experts.

Attendance is free, and for all current non-user participants in the workshop, a complimentary 1-month trial license will be provided. We extend a warm welcome to join us at this seminar, where you can gain updated skills and knowledge essential for addressing unique molding challenges, crucial for maintaining competitiveness in the era of smart manufacturing.

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