Webinar: Embracing Disruptions: Elevating Your Finance Function for the Future

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Amid constant change, disruptions can test even the best-laid plans. Join this insightful session unveiling Prophix's 2023 Finance Leaders Survey which explores how to lift finance to new heights.

Attendees will learn finance's evolving role in tackling contemporary challenges and discover strategies leaders use to be ready for the unforeseeable future. Highlights: current finance insights, emerging trends, best practices for planning, seven steps to enhance processes, and real cases of data-driven choices.  Get inspired to fuel your financial transformation, preparing your company for disruptions proactively.

Meet the Speaker

Chris Porter is the Director of Product Marketing at Prophix. Chris began his career in Finance which made him realize there had to be a better way. Chris joined Prophix in its early days as an implementation consultant, helping hundreds of clients transform the way they operate and deliver value to their organizations. Today, Chris leads the Product and Solution Marketing teams, focusing on bringing our Financial Performance Platform and its applications to market to help finance and accounting teams be strategic value-creating contributors to their organizations.


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